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A Plea To Fellow Republicans — Stop Defending Sarah Palin

As a Republican, it pains my heart to watch the response to Sarah Palin’s latest gaffe. Like so many times before, Palin has put herself on the hot plate and shown that she does not know when to be quiet.

From the beginning, Republicans have squirmed through every public appearance she makes.  From the 2008 debates to this current joke of a bus tour, Palin has shown she lacks the basic skills to handle pressure.

This is not a good sign in a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president.

Why then, does Palin continue to get support from Republicans?

The latest situation with Palin messing up the history of Paul Revere is a perfect example.  It is clear to anyone that saw the video that Palin had no clue what she was talking about.

It was a moment of verbal vomit that made her seem like she had never attended  grade school.  The entire episode could have been prevented any number of ways.  Palin could have simply ignored the question and kept walking.  Palin could have changed the subject.

More importantly, Palin could have actually took a moment to read about Revere before visiting so that she would be prepared for the gaggle of reporters that were sure to follow her. That would have been novel for her.

What makes the entire situation so bad, however, is the aftermath.  Like so many Palin “situations” in the past, Palin is now coming out and saying she was right.  She is trying to use semantics to say that the British were warned because Revere confessed to them.

Republicans are actually following suit and trying to latch onto that argument for her.  That makes the party look completely ignorant right beside her.

Revere did not warn the British. Revere warned the colonists and confessed to the British. Revere did not ring bells or shoot warning shots, as this would have drawn attention and squashed the revolt before it even began.

It is clear that Palin simply tried to fake her way through this and messed up like she always does when she attempts such folly.

After a couple of years of defending and trying to make sense of Sarah Palin, it is time for Republicans to say enough.  Sarah Palin had a chance to come out and say she messed up.  Sarah was too arrogant to do so.

Perhaps it is time that we Republicans simply admit we messed up in backing Palin and move forward.  Liberals are not afraid of Sarah Palin.  That is wishful thinking to say the least.

They pray for her nomination.


By: Rodney Southern, Yahoo Contributor Network, June 6, 2011

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