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Blame Greed, Not Obama For Rise In Health Insurance Premiums

It’s Obama’s fault

Isn’t everything? I can’t believe what I am hearing and reading. Insurance companies are raising their premiums and, of course, that is President Obama’s  fault. It’s that damn “Obamacare.” Ah, no, it isn’t.

Insurance companies have been raising their subscriber’s premiums  for  years before Mr. Obama was president; actually, even before he was “Senator Obama.”

I have a family plan to cover my husband and our two children; but I also own two small businesses and cover my employees’ healthcare at both companies. The large private PPO provider who I won’t name, but has  the color of the sky in their title (ahem), has increased my premiums for both group plans and my individual family plan at least once a year  for the past five  years. And when I phone them and ask why, they don’t have an answer. They certainly don’t say: It’s President Obama’s fault and the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

As a matter of fact, the president of Kaiser also stated that healthcare reform is not the reason for the increased premiums; at best,  it might contribute to 1 percent; so what is the other 99 percent?  What is the reason these insurance companies keep increasing our premiums?

How can healthcare reform increase our premiums? Due to the increased number of people being covered by the reform act (mostly children and  students who may remain on their parent’s plan), there are more people  purchasing plans, whether employers or employees, which actually brings more  money to those insurance companies. So why the increase?

Every time my plan has been increased, I have phoned to ask what additional benefits I am receiving for that cost increase; and every  time the answer is the same: none. When I ask why, no one knows. But I  know, it’s greed.

All, not some, all of the heads of these insurance companies earn millions of dollars a year in their paychecks. The insurance companies  are one  of the few in America not being negatively affected by our  economy. Don’t believe me? Check their stock prices, or  the stock  prices of most medical related companies for that matter.

Actually, the increase in premiums, whether a person has an HMO or a PPO, just helps to support the need not only for healthcare reform, but for further reform, specifically a public option.

These increases are proof that the public needs another option, an affordable option. And the mandate? That drives business to the  insurance companies, so they should be reducing the premiums. Insurance companies will say that many people are requesting a higher  deductible; of course we are, it’s a bad economy and most of us want to  pay less per month, taking the risk that we won’t end up in the E.R.  or need surgery, etc.

And according to my doctor-husband, that’s a big risk. He’s an orthopedic surgeon. Patients used to  come see him when they were in  pain—let’s say their knee hurt. Now they come when their bones are  sticking  out—when they’re chronic.

So the increased prices by the insurance companies should be blamed on the insurance companies. They  are hurting our healthcare system, doctors’ ability to provide proper care, and the economy as  well; especially when so many Americans head to the E.R. once they’re  chronic, which further bankrupts the system.

Bottom line—don’t  blame Obama. Blame the insurance companies. They’re the bad guys this time  around.

By: Leslie Marshall, U. S. News and World Report, September 29, 2011

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  1. Greed is a word used when someone who is disliked is getting the money/benefits.

    Medical costs rise and insurance companies pass the increases through to their policy holders. Insurance companies are not going to work for free. Medical care providers are not going to work for free. The government continuously tries to regulated medical costs. The providers always find a way around the government’s actions. If the government was successful, the medical care providers would quit the business. Their government controlled replacement would provide less and lower quality care.

    It is the structure of the medical costs and payments system that is responsible for the rising medical costs.

    The structure needs to be changed in a big way. One way is less regulation. Hospitals and other medical service providers must prepare an unlimited amount of useless reports.

    The government is not capable of changing the structure.

    The structure can be changed to contain medical costs and even reduce them.


    Comment by solutions777 | September 30, 2011 | Reply

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