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“Incessant Flailing”: GOP Peddles Hard The ‘Hillary Can’t Be Trusted’ Line

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the runaway pick among voters when asked who among the presidential candidates is the most credible, honest and trustworthy, and even the most compassionate. Her rank on the voter trustworthy meter is far higher than that of Barack Obama and easily tops that of all other GOP presidential contenders. The problem with this is the AP-Ipsos poll that gave Hillary high marks on trustworthiness was taken in March, 2007.

The two big questions are: What happened in the eight years since that poll was taken and today to change voter’s attitudes on the trust issue toward Clinton? The other even bigger one is: Does this pose a real problem for Clinton’s campaign?

The trust issue and Hillary has been the sole fixation of the pollsters and they seem to crank out a new poll monthly hitting that theme. If one believes the barrage of polls, one comes away with the notion that voters, especially Democrats, simply don’t trust Hillary.

Playing up Clinton’s supposed free fall in integrity has been the one constant in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign. The Republican National Committee early on put Hillary dead in its hit sights to do everything possible to render her candidacy stillborn even before it officially became a candidacy. It not so subtly recycled the old trumped up scandals of the past from Whitewater to the Lewinsky scandal. It then cranked out a sneering “poor Hillary” video that touted Hillary’s quip that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. It then intimated that she shook down poor cash strapped universities for her alleged outrageous speaking fees.

There was little doubt that the first chance the GOP got it would seize on a real or manufactured Obama foreign policy flub and make Clinton their hard target. The Benghazi debacle seemed to be just the right flub. In August 2013, the Republican National Committee rammed the attack home with a half-minute clip of her Senate Foreign Relations Committee testimony earlier that year on the Benghazi attack.

The aim as always was to embarrass and discredit her not because of her alleged missteps as Secretary of State, but as a 2016 presidential candidate. Republicans got what they wanted when their phony accusations against her of cover-up and incompetence got tons of media chatter and focus and raised the first shadow of public doubt. The GOP then tirelessly searched for something else that could ramp up more public doubt about Clinton’s honesty. It didn’t take long to find.

This time it got two for the price of one. Congressional Republicans jubilantly waved a fresh batch of Clinton emails to the media, claiming that it proved that she deliberately mislead Congressional investigators, and the public, on what she knew and how she handled or allegedly mishandled the Benghazi debacle. This ties in with the GOP’s and the media’s incessant flailing of Clinton for supposedly hiding, deleting or misusing her private emails for some sinister and nefarious reason during her stint as Secretary of State. There will be more to come on this rest assured.

Meanwhile, the GOP mockingly ridicules Clinton’s attempt to reimage her campaign and herself as a hands, on in the trenches with the people, caring, feeling candidate as just more of the Clinton con, and an ineffectual one to boot. The supposed proof of that is to finger point her plunging favorability numbers in the polls. Of course, what’s conveniently omitted from the Hillary smear is that every one of her GOP rivals is doing an even lousier job trying to convince voters that they are any more “trustworthy” than Clinton. In the case of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and especially Jeb Bush, their integrity meter score with the public fall somewhere between Watergate Richard Nixon and that of a used car salesman.

There’s more. A USA Poll and an ABC-Washington Post poll found that not only does Clinton have solid numbers in terms of approval with voters, but bags big time general favorability numbers from Democrats. This is even more impressive given the spirited, and populist issues run that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is making at Hillary.

It’s certainly true that voters do want a president that they can trust to say and do the right thing both on the issues and in their dealing with the public. But they also want a president who is experienced, well-versed, thoughtful, and firm on dealing with the inevitable crises that will confront the country, here and abroad. There’s absolutely no hint in the polls or anywhere else that the general public has shut down on Clinton in this vital area of public policy. But this won’t stop the GOP and those in the media obsessed with depicting Hillary as two-faced from peddling that line.


By: Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Associate Editor of New America Media; The Blog, The Huffington Post, July 19,2015

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  1. I ‘m okay with Fox News and the media bringing Hillary down, intentionally….. but MSNBC , too ? I swear, this one does. I barely watch it anymore these days. Each one of the talk show hosts s hyping Bernie Sanders, and trying to bring down Hillary….

    I wonder who MSNBC and all the media want to be president of the US in 2016. Most probably Jeb Bush.

    I can take that to the bank.


    Comment by renxkyoko | July 26, 2015 | Reply

    • Looks like MSNBC will be having some shakeups in their programing. They’ve gotten many complaints and their ratings are dropping like stones. There was a discussion today on CNN about this same subject.


      Comment by raemd95 | July 26, 2015 | Reply

      • They’re too much into giving the Reps equal time…. in fact, more than equal…. and I notice they’re not even challenged anymore. I don’t know where to go . Maybe AlJazeera ?


        Comment by renxkyoko | July 26, 2015

      • I’m going to wait and see how their new alignments pan out. I think management realizes that the network is losing too many viewers and it’s time for a major course correction. There was even talk of bringing Keith Olbermann back! We’ll see.


        Comment by raemd95 | July 26, 2015

      • It’s not that I’m too pro-Hillary… I just don’t want the Reps to have all 3 branches of the government. It would be disastrous . I really believe Hillary can beat Bush. When it comes down to national elections, a woman candidate fighting it out will excite the electorate. I don’t think Bernie Sanders can do that. A female friend who’s a Rep. says she’ s going to vote for Hillary.

        I can’t understand why management doesn’t know why they are losing too many viewers. they have to know what their hosts have been saying, and whether what they’ve been saying is making viewers stay away and not listen to them anymore. They have to realize that almost all Blue states voted for Hillary in 2007 Primary. She won over Obama in California by 12 points. She got Massachusets despite the Kennedy’s support for Obama. The Democrats voted for Hillary. Take note African- Americans were solid for Obama. MSNBC should take note of that. Only Democrats are watching this channel, but if , like me, they feel Hillary is also being trashed relentlessly ( they seldom get guests who are Hillary sympathizers ), then Democrats, their only viewers, will stay away.


        Comment by renxkyoko | July 26, 2015

      • MSNBC fell into the trap planted by Fox News. Remember the constant Bill O’Reilly attacks and the sparing with Olbermann, Chris Matthews and even Ed Schultz. MSNBC then responded by having interviews with more republicans to show that they were different than the “mainstream media”. Big mistake. I think Hillary will be strong with all demographics and I believe Bernie Sanders’ presence in the race will make her even stronger. It’s imperative that Democrats maintain the White House because of the ACA and even more importantly, Supreme Court nominations.


        Comment by raemd95 | July 26, 2015

      • I watch neither Fox nor MSNBC as they will give a spin-doctored version of the news. MSNBC is not as extreme as Fox, which gets low marks on accuracy, which may be one reason for MSNBC ratings droppings – they try to tell more truths. The other reason for Fox success (and not MSNBC), the GOP has moved farther right with its extreme base and is lathered up by its entertainers disguised as serious news people. So, when cognitive dissonance with real news is shown to them, they reach out to their entertainers to quiet the unsettling disharmony (good example is the disbelief on Obama’s win over Romney while it was happening). I watch PBSNewshour and BBC World News America, with some NPR radio time in the car on occasion. Al Jazeera is good as well.


        Comment by btg5885 | July 27, 2015

  2. Benghazi could have been put to bed two years ago with Admiral Mullins and Ambassador Pickering’s report. They noted we could have done a better job and there were lessons to be learned but did not point the finger at Clinton or the President. Yet, Congressman Darrel Issa did not have these two leaders testify in front of the committee for about nine months after their report. Clinton is far from perfect, but instead of wasting dear time with this, how about voting on a long term Highway Trust Fund infrastructure investment instead of kicking the can down the road for the thirty something time. Senator McConnell says he wants to take the time to do this right. You’ve had enough time. This is needed and would create jobs.


    Comment by btg5885 | July 22, 2015 | Reply

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