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“Is Carson Losing His Teflon Shield?”: The Kid-Gloves-Treatment Of Carson Could Be Coming To An End

Up until now, Dr. Ben Carson has had an extraordinarily charmed existence on the presidential campaign trail. Even though his world-view is weird and John Birchie, political reporters either don’t notice it or don’t think it’s important. Fellow GOP candidates give him a wide berth, and conservative activists tend either to adore him or only talk about his positive qualities.

Some of this is undoubtedly a byproduct of the party-wide obsession with bringing Donald Trump down to earth; since Carson seems to have some of the same “outsider” appeal as The Donald, the Republican Establishment is happy to promote him at Trump’s expense. And above all, the mental identification of Carson with Herman Cain–you know, another unqualified African-American conservative who had his 15 minutes of fame before retreating to obscurity–seems to exert a powerful influence on attitudes towards Carson, even though it is extremely unlikely the doctor is going to succumb to a sex scandal.

Anyway, this kid-gloves-treatment of Carson could be coming to an end, if WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin is any indication:

Donald Trump wants to round up 11 million people in two years for deportation. He approves of Russia’s incursion into Syria. He has a tax plan that adds at least $10 trillion to the debt. And with all that, he is not the most ignorant or unfit GOP presidential contender. That distinction goes to Ben Carson.

Wow, how’s that for an opening shot?

Rubin proceeds to recite the many examples of Carson showing he doesn’t know much about various subjects from the composition of NATO to the history of the Holocaust, and then turns to her fellow Republicans with justified scorn:

Conservatives have a dangerous habit of excusing ignorance or offensive comments so long as they come from someone attacking liberal elites. One does not need to elevate ignoramuses to cultlike status simply because they also happen to attack the media or liberal dogma. In doing so, Republicans wind up getting behind crank candidates and losing elections to mediocre candidates. (Anyone recall the “I-am-not-a-witch” Christine O’Donnell?)

There is a Chauncey Gardner-like quality to Carson. He speaks softly, smiles a lot and lulls his audience into the belief he possess great insights and wisdom. He is an esteemed neurosurgeon and a lovely dinner speaker. He is, however, entirely unfit for the presidency, seemingly oblivious to basic historical facts, constitutional concepts and world events. Surely conservative Republicans, especially some in the right-wing media who have fawned over him, should have figured this out by now.

This kinda makes me wish Rubin would take a similarly jaundiced look at Carly Fiorina. But hell no! She may soon be head of the DC branch of Fiorina’s fan club. Guess somebody else will at the appropriate moment have to point out that this isn’t a candidate anyone would take seriously if she wasn’t useful in bashing the “liberal elites” with a first name of Hillary and a last name of Clinton.


By: Ed Kilgore, Contributing Writer, Political Animal Blog, The Washington Monthly, October 9, 2015

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  1. Ben Carson, who appears more reasonable given his soft spoken nature and being a surgeon, has offended about as many groups as Trump with some inane comments. He has joined Trump in offending Muslim Americans. He has offended gays saying they learn to be gay in prison. He has offended Jews for his attempted simplification of history about the holocaust. He has offended the parents of the mass shooting victims saying they should have rushed the shooter. And, since he is a doctor, he has offended me for prioritizing gun rights over the right to live. That is shameful.


    Comment by Keith | October 10, 2015 | Reply

    • Your last sentence, “And, since he is a doctor, he has offended me for prioritizing gun rights over the right to live. That is shameful.”, sums it up for me. No matter one’s political affiliations, and as a surgeon myself, his position in this respect is disgusting, unacceptable and completely counter to the oath we take and to what we are trained to do as surgeons!!

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by raemd95 | October 10, 2015 | Reply

      • I am so glad you shared your professional observations and disdain on his position. It is far more relevant than my opinion.


        Comment by Keith | October 10, 2015

      • Your other observations were on point as well, but that one really poured salt into the wound.

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by raemd95 | October 10, 2015

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