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Is Newt Gingrich Winning Because He’s Not Mitt Romney?

Are Republicans forgetful or just forgiving?

Looking at the Republican polls, many are shocked to see a  name now on top that had been on bottom and nearly forgotten when it came to  Republican candidates: Newt Gingrich.

It’s odd how Republicans view former speaker of the House Gingrich as a  Washington outsider.  This is a guy who was a career politician for  over four decades before he fled to  the wilderness. This is a man who  burned  more bridges than most Republicans in my lifetime within his own  party; a guy  who was asked to step down as speaker and some believe  pushed out of the House  of Representatives entirely. This is  also a  man who, against the wishes of many in his party, pushed for the   impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton for carrying on a  sexual  tryst in the Oval Office, while he, Newt was committing adultery  himself. A man responsible for not one, but  two  government shutdowns, a man who lost his party seats in Congress. And  let  us not forget the image of Mr. Gingrich handing his wife divorce  papers while  she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. He’s on  marriage number three, divorced two  times, and is a born-again  Catholic—his words, not mine.

Despite all of this, Newt’s biggest critics in his party are  now  silent. Those who would not back him have their checkbooks out, because,   after all, he is not former Gov. Mitt Romney. Even  the evangelicals  are buying the fallen man speech Newt’s been giving with  respect to his  numerous marriages, two of which failed. And how about him being  Catholic instead of  an evangelical Christian, a Protestant? Well it  would seem the evangelicals  prefer Catholics to Mormons–again, anyone  but Romney.

Some say Newt has changed, that he is a new and improved and more  humblefigure. I disagree. I might have bought that when his poll numbers were   down; but now that he is ranking in the top two depending on the poll  you read  and the time of day it is, the old Newt is back and just as  bold as before.

Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Gingrich saying Rep. Michele Bachmann was like a  student, he being the teacher, who was “factually challenged”
  2. He also stated that kids “in poor neighborhoods  have no habit of  working” (Odd, I don’t consider busting my butt at work a  habit! It’s a  necessity!)

And I believe as Newt’s numbers  grow, so will his ego. As a  GOP member stated: “His hand is never that  far from the self-destruct  button.”

So I’m not sure if Republicans are  very forgiving or just forgetful.  Did they forget the ethics violations, which resulted in a six digit  fine?!  Did  they forget that Newt encouraged voters to contact their  congressional members  regarding climate change in a televised ad seated  next to former Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2008  and now he has changed his  mind? Come on, this guy taught environmental studies! He knows climate  change is real and humans  have contributed to it!

The bottom line is, the Republicans have to  decide if they want the  best candidate, the candidate that represents their  people and their  party, or anyone but Romney. If the Republicans want Newt, I  guess  they’re appealing to their non-ethical, adulterating, divorced segment  of  the population.

By: Leslie Marshall, U. S. News and World Report, December 7, 2011

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